Enderby Tournament

Henry had an amazing time in Enderby despite the pettiness of some hockey parents. My husband grew up playing hockey and foot ball and says I should get used to it. *Sighs* after all he’s only four. But really it’s best just to let these stupid things roll off your back, I’m there so my son can have fun and he does so that’s all that matters.

He got to play goal for the first time the coach was just letting who ever wanted to play goal play goal for awhile, I thought that was great and Henry loved it.

We have knee pads but they only fit the biggest kids on the team. I guess we should try and get a smaller set. MMM maybe that might be a nice gift to the team.

Henry loves it when his big brother and Grandparents are there cheering him on it was fun to watch the games in between ours.

For the awards ceremony all the kids got t-shirts saying I survived the North Okanogan Knights Tournament 2007. The kids seem enthusiastic about that. They also had some programs with pictures of all the teams. Kelowna, Salmon Arm, Armstrong and Enderby where there. We had only played Salmon Arm before. Our kids did not win any games but they played well and the matches where good. But half of our team is five year olds but even so only two of the young ones Henry and another girl are playing the first time so we did pretty well all considered.


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