What I like about Facebook/Fathers Day

I was getting all these annoying invites to join Facebook so I finally sucked it up and joined. I already had a little community of friends and family that were on there and what I really like is that almost all my nieces are on there as well as my teenage son. It’s nice to be connected even if from a distance because I find out more from their facebooks then I do their parents. 🙂

It’s great to keep a bit of contact. A nice feature there is, is only people you allow see your whole page can do so, without your permission all they see is a contact card. So it’s nice being able to put up photos of the kids and know that only family and friends are viewing.

I put a link to this blog there so now I guess I will be writing a bit more. (She says hopefully)

I took the kids to Stake Lake today Les had to work so Father’s Day was kind of bust. I phoned my Dad but he’s in Nerivia I think. But it was an ok day. At least we got out and had some exercise the poor dogs came with us but I could not let them off the leash there were way to many people there so having to control 170lbs worth of dog was a lot of exercise for me. The kid had fun walking though the puddles.


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