The Dance Recital

The beginning of July Henry and Evamae went to a Dance school for a week. It was four hours a day for the five days. They loved it and at the end of the week they had a little recital it was so cute. Evamae was the youngest in the class being 3 yrs all the other kids were four to six years old.

So needless to say the older girls were helping Evamae to find her postions at the beginning of each new dance routine. Poor Henry was the only boy he didn’t seem to mind too much though and still enjoyed it.

A lot of the time the kids were so focused on us they where not following along I love this picture Evame looks so drama. Notice the kids looking at us and not really doing the routine. That just makes me giggle.

  Ths was the last dance Henry was not getting bored but he was very tired. The night before I think he was up till 11pm he’s having a hard time sleeping with it being so light out. It was so cute at the end of the recital the kids friend Bailey handed out flowers to all the dancers so cute I should of thought of that.


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