Beautiful Border Collies

Max and Dancer were long over do for a good grooming, I had to drive them out to Valley View where Linda met us and took the dogs to her home on 5 acres in Barnhartvale where she grooms dogs from her home. They jumped right in the kennels no problem, we kennel them occasionally so they had no fear of that.

Poor Linda when she tried to take them out Maxie pulled a fit and she couldn’t even put her hands on the kennel door for fear of being bit, she used a broom handle to open the kennel door. When she did that Maxie just sat there for a min wondering what to do, when he jumped and and walked around a bit she grabbed his leash and he was totally fine with her after that.

He’s weary of strangers Maxie since he was abused as a puppy. I asked Linda if she would take them again and she said she would I think next time though I’ll put a muzzel on him for the trip from Vally view to her house that way she will be able to open that kennel. That transition was hard for him and scary for her.


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    jolynna Says:

    Your border collies are beautiful! I am partial to the breed, although my dogs are only part border collie. However, one of them has his “herding stare” down and can keep my other animals out of the room with just a look.

    Border collies are also known to develop intense and deep attachments to their people.

    Great pictures and an interesting story.

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