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Wrapping Christmas Presents

December 24, 2007

I had some help this evening from a few sources, Les my husband hung out and gave me moral support and Delilah added commedy to the evening by crawling into the bag that had the pet toys in it– that need to be wrapped. Yes I bought all the fur babies a gift. I believe those are the only things I have left to wrapped–I started to but Les reminded me that the pets were in the room and didn’t want them to see their toys. Ok that makes me look not so furbaby crazy. Thanks for taking some heat off me hun xo.

It’s too bad my Man has to work 12hr day shifts over the holidays we were going to try to arrange it so he would be here when the kids celebrate. The thought though of the kids not being able to wake up Christmas morning and not being able to open their presents till 7pm that evening was not very practical. Tomorrow morning they can open some presents and then in the eve they will put out their stockings and milk and cookies for Santa. I’ll be there in the morning taking tons of pictures. I think what I’ll do is keep one big present for each them back so they can open that when Dad gets home.

We went to church today but forgot to light the advent candle tonight. Some how though with Les working it all seem off kilter and un seasonal. Plus my teenager is not up till the 27th which also makes it seem a bit un Christmas like.

We bought Evamae a beautiful new dress she’ll wear to church Christmas evening. It’s a beautiful light blue and very fancy–she loves it!


Beautiful Border Collies

August 9, 2007

Max and Dancer were long over do for a good grooming, I had to drive them out to Valley View where Linda met us and took the dogs to her home on 5 acres in Barnhartvale where she grooms dogs from her home. They jumped right in the kennels no problem, we kennel them occasionally so they had no fear of that.

Poor Linda when she tried to take them out Maxie pulled a fit and she couldn’t even put her hands on the kennel door for fear of being bit, she used a broom handle to open the kennel door. When she did that Maxie just sat there for a min wondering what to do, when he jumped and and walked around a bit she grabbed his leash and he was totally fine with her after that.

He’s weary of strangers Maxie since he was abused as a puppy. I asked Linda if she would take them again and she said she would I think next time though I’ll put a muzzel on him for the trip from Vally view to her house that way she will be able to open that kennel. That transition was hard for him and scary for her.

The Dance Recital

July 30, 2007

The beginning of July Henry and Evamae went to a Dance school for a week. It was four hours a day for the five days. They loved it and at the end of the week they had a little recital it was so cute. Evamae was the youngest in the class being 3 yrs all the other kids were four to six years old.

So needless to say the older girls were helping Evamae to find her postions at the beginning of each new dance routine. Poor Henry was the only boy he didn’t seem to mind too much though and still enjoyed it.

A lot of the time the kids were so focused on us they where not following along I love this picture Evame looks so drama. Notice the kids looking at us and not really doing the routine. That just makes me giggle.

  Ths was the last dance Henry was not getting bored but he was very tired. The night before I think he was up till 11pm he’s having a hard time sleeping with it being so light out. It was so cute at the end of the recital the kids friend Bailey handed out flowers to all the dancers so cute I should of thought of that.

What I like about Facebook/Fathers Day

June 17, 2007

I was getting all these annoying invites to join Facebook so I finally sucked it up and joined. I already had a little community of friends and family that were on there and what I really like is that almost all my nieces are on there as well as my teenage son. It’s nice to be connected even if from a distance because I find out more from their facebooks then I do their parents. 🙂

It’s great to keep a bit of contact. A nice feature there is, is only people you allow see your whole page can do so, without your permission all they see is a contact card. So it’s nice being able to put up photos of the kids and know that only family and friends are viewing.

I put a link to this blog there so now I guess I will be writing a bit more. (She says hopefully)

I took the kids to Stake Lake today Les had to work so Father’s Day was kind of bust. I phoned my Dad but he’s in Nerivia I think. But it was an ok day. At least we got out and had some exercise the poor dogs came with us but I could not let them off the leash there were way to many people there so having to control 170lbs worth of dog was a lot of exercise for me. The kid had fun walking though the puddles.

Been Busy

March 4, 2007

I’ve been so busy lately working inside and outside of the home it’s hard to strike a balance. I took the kids and our three dogs out for a walk today.

I sounded like quit the drill Sergeant, “come, sit, stay, stay……Henry wait up, Eva hurry up, Maxie Dancer Whistle come”.

Phew walking was not the hardest part of that exercise it was keeping everyone together and the dogs out of our neighbors yards and out of trouble.

There was a lovely sunset though. I’m excited about the up coming equinox I have to think of some way for us to celebrate it.

xo peace

Kid Get Creative

March 3, 2007

Here is Eva’s creation.

Just in case you can’t tell she told me it’s a bunny rabbit.

Henry loves to put his other toys into is play doh, he’s very multi media.

More pictures of kids having fun.

It was a great day with the kids yesterday everyone was so mellow and pleasant. We are going to the park today, I’m going to take more pictures.

Enderby Tournament

February 25, 2007

Henry had an amazing time in Enderby despite the pettiness of some hockey parents. My husband grew up playing hockey and foot ball and says I should get used to it. *Sighs* after all he’s only four. But really it’s best just to let these stupid things roll off your back, I’m there so my son can have fun and he does so that’s all that matters.

He got to play goal for the first time the coach was just letting who ever wanted to play goal play goal for awhile, I thought that was great and Henry loved it.

We have knee pads but they only fit the biggest kids on the team. I guess we should try and get a smaller set. MMM maybe that might be a nice gift to the team.

Henry loves it when his big brother and Grandparents are there cheering him on it was fun to watch the games in between ours.

For the awards ceremony all the kids got t-shirts saying I survived the North Okanogan Knights Tournament 2007. The kids seem enthusiastic about that. They also had some programs with pictures of all the teams. Kelowna, Salmon Arm, Armstrong and Enderby where there. We had only played Salmon Arm before. Our kids did not win any games but they played well and the matches where good. But half of our team is five year olds but even so only two of the young ones Henry and another girl are playing the first time so we did pretty well all considered.

Yay! I get to go pick up Justin

February 22, 2007

He wants me to get there by lunch time so he can miss his math class. I don’t want him to miss but I think I will try to be there by then anyways because I’m going to be doing about 8 hrs of driving today and I don’t want to go through Vancouver and Surrey during rush hour. Although it just seems like rush hour all the time down on the coast.

I have not seen him since the first week in January and the little ones have been asking for him a lot. 😦 Henry also has a hockey tournament in Enderby this sat he has three games there, and on sun one in the morning. After that he has to go to kamloops for Bailey’s birthday party.

I don’t know what we are going to do, I don’t think we should go up for two nights because we have nowhere we can go with the dogs, also Eva has had a bad little cough. We are still weighing our options as to what we are going to do this weekend Hubbie and Henry might just go up to Enderby on their own.

Have a good weekend everyone!

Uncle Ben & Kelly Visit

February 17, 2007

First of all I have to say it’s just so awesome to see my brother I don’t get to see him much but every time I do, I just come away from the experience thinking about how awesome he is.

Watching him play with my kids is another very cool thing for me, because all my family is back in Ontario and the family I do have out here in BC I’m not that closed to. I like the kids to get to know some folks from my-side too. Hubbies side is great we see them once every few months.

Henry was pretty happy with Uncle Ben because, Ben brought up a big bag filled with all sorts of neat toys. Real boy toys the type a Mom’s not going to buy very often.

Here is another nice picture of him and his sweetie Kelly. Doesn’t she look like someone famous? I can’t put my finger on who she reminds me of. Anyways because of this lovely women Ben is being sucked back into BC which is wonderful for me and my kids to be able to see him more often. Ok think I might of embarrassed both Ben and Kelly enough for one post. I’ll stop here.