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Painting Makes Me Dizzy

February 12, 2007

We are painting our home a warm toasted cashew colour. It took about two hours to put down the primer which was white. My husband thought that was strange that it was white he says usually it’s kind of light rust colour.

The spots on the wall where I put up samples of the toasted cashew did not cover up as well as I thought they would with the primer. So I’m wondering if some how some white paint got put in the big bucket of primer.

Our whole house is this awful institutional white colour. I just hate it. We have so much natural light too that I think the warmer slightly darker colour will be just fine.

In the bedrooms we have personalized the colours my husband and I have a colour called silver berry in our room it’s a mauve type colour it’s very calming. In our bedroom too we had those awful cheap squares of linoleum, it was gross. We put down some laminate wood and it looks so much better and the room has a warmer feeling to because of it.

We bought wood flooring for our kitchen, I think we will have to pay someone to do put that floor down.

We painted our daughters room a tea rose pink. It’s a very faded colour and has an antique look to it. We have chosen an liberty blue for my youngest son’s room but since we our planing to move I don’t think we will use till we get to our new home.

I think his room will be painted the toasted cashew colour. The thing I don’t get is that I thought latex paint was supposed to be safe, but if so how can it make me dizzy. I guess I should read that fine print on the paint cans.

My teenager wants a black room . I don’t think that will be happening. I think his alternate colour is green. I love greens so we will see what the final selection is for him. I can’t wait to see what he chooses.

Changes subject

I’m pretty excited about these two products I read about for cleaning the air in the home one is called the tox box and the other one is the swordfish. The are both Canadian products. The tox box is a furnace filter you can hook it up to your furnace or plug it into an outlet. It cleans particles as small as .007 microns plus catches virus and bacteria. It sells for about 100$ can. The swordfish is a plug in UV light which basically does the same thing you can hook up inside your main intake for your furnace it has some safety features on it, it has to be replaced every so often though. It sells for about 80$ The tox box is basically a forever furnace filter, I guess you must have to clean out every so often though.

These products really excite me. Is that strange?

*edited to add the price for the tox box and swordfish only because I noticed that the price was being searched for.