Natural Birth

I want to write about my experience with natural birth, home birth and water birth. After having a natural birth and reading about home births and unassisted or what is also called free birth I started to realize how political birth is. How birth is an industry.

I’ve had two hospital births and one home birth and if I was to have more children you couldn’t pay me to birth in a hospital. I guess at some point I will have to write about my home birth experience but right now I just want to ramble about this, one of the most sacred of topics.

A woman has to birth where she feels safest there is no doubt about that, but what influence us subconsciously about birth? Lots of nasty stuff that’s for sure. The pain, the length of time it takes, the dangers, the medication and complications, the episotomies and epidurals, really it can make a woman’s head spin.

Birth at home feels so safe and for a healthy Mom and pregnancy it is.


Birthing at home is so peaceful, quite, charming and even fun.

Slipping into a warm pool ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so relaxing, seducing and sensual.


Adrenalin, pressure, intensity, propulsion of a new life, spewing from it’s womb.

A new life in your arms and at your breast.



Strangely uneventful



I will write more I have more to say but I could write for days on this subject.


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