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Wrapping Christmas Presents

December 24, 2007

I had some help this evening from a few sources, Les my husband hung out and gave me moral support and Delilah added commedy to the evening by crawling into the bag that had the pet toys in it– that need to be wrapped. Yes I bought all the fur babies a gift. I believe those are the only things I have left to wrapped–I started to but Les reminded me that the pets were in the room and didn’t want them to see their toys. Ok that makes me look not so furbaby crazy. Thanks for taking some heat off me hun xo.

It’s too bad my Man has to work 12hr day shifts over the holidays we were going to try to arrange it so he would be here when the kids celebrate. The thought though of the kids not being able to wake up Christmas morning and not being able to open their presents till 7pm that evening was not very practical. Tomorrow morning they can open some presents and then in the eve they will put out their stockings and milk and cookies for Santa. I’ll be there in the morning taking tons of pictures. I think what I’ll do is keep one big present for each them back so they can open that when Dad gets home.

We went to church today but forgot to light the advent candle tonight. Some how though with Les working it all seem off kilter and un seasonal. Plus my teenager is not up till the 27th which also makes it seem a bit un Christmas like.

We bought Evamae a beautiful new dress she’ll wear to church Christmas evening. It’s a beautiful light blue and very fancy–she loves it!